La direction que tout cela prend ne me plaît guère, au contraire, j'ai l'impression que tout s'arrêtera, qu'un jour je me retrouverai face à une cave morte, et que je devrais manger la pierre.
site, 2024
access here

Based on the sunday site's prompt “Make a site that makes you feel calm”.
A pure HTML&CSS website with heavy use of blur and animation, to make a waterfall, there are so much elements that your computer fan makes the noise of the waterfall.
font, 2023
a fork of the Aboensis by Tommi Syrjänen,
poster specimen
Memoria Mgntica,
book, 2023
leporello, laser printing on Tutti Fruti paper,
280×21 cm, 1 ex.
Memoria Mgntica,
story, 2023
screenprinted poster, post-electric manifesto
manifesto + text are available
for reading @
master's thesis, 2022
directed by Yvan Etienne,
Book+website, 210×160 mm
HTML + CSS + Paged.js
Rencontres de Lure,
event program, 2022

Book, archive bind, 2 colors riso, 200 ex.
HTML + CSS + Paged.js
Corps Célestes,
photography catalog, 2022
with Léa Govignon & Youngjoo Kang,
Book, 192×260 mm, for Biennale de Photo de Mulhouse 2022, four posters folded + a folded cover bound together.
Indesign + JSX + Processing + Python
Syowa Auroral Observation,
archive book, 2021
Book, 192×260 mm, 364 p. , Laser printed on glossy & recycled, white paper. Handbound ( sewn ), Python + HTML + CSS + Paged.js
font+specimen, 2021
Rodoid, laser black and white printing, 32p. Archive clip binding.
De la terre à l'ivresse,
book, 2021
14×19.5 cm Book, 96p. laser printing on Munken Print White 80g.
Spec Orchard,
font specimen, 2021
Edition, A3, 6p., Laser printed on grey reccyled paper 80g/m² 4 inserts laser printed on silver paper 125g/m² Orchard by Rory King
Controverses, mode d'emploi,
Book, 2020
I'm assisting Sarah Garcin for FORCCAST, Sc. Po. Medialab, 320p., Swiss binding offset printed on Munken Print White
Frutos Antiquaire,
font+specimen, 2020
with Emilie Raoul 15×25 cm Book, 48p. laser printing on glossy paper. Has a booklet of 20p. printed on recycled paper.
Soleil, Yeux, Brûlures,
book, 2021
with Axel Alousque 265×204 mm Book, spirit duplicator on coloured paper. Two Archive clips for the binding
Nuits Halogènes,
photographs, 2020
digital photographs, everything flickers
Screenprinting ,
La Mue,
webzine, 202+
with Philippine Talamona, (NA)
html, css, javascript
webdoc, 2020
html, css, javascript
Various Screenprints, 202+
Selection of screenprints made at the screenprint workshop at the HEAR, where I'm a screenprinting-aide. I worked with several types of different inks, UV, RVB, textile, conducting...